Monday, September 29, 2014

Heidi Swapp - Project Life Pocket Card

Heidi Swapp Color Magic Project Life Pocket Card @heidiswapp @createoften @beckyhiggins #projectlife #hsprojectlife #colormagic
I love making cards. It wasn't always that way but I realized how important a handmade card was after receiving a few in the mail. It is like having a mini work of art in your hands. It feels so good to get that little piece of art in the mail that I try my best to do the same.

Heidi Swapp Color Magic Project Life Pocket Card @heidiswapp @createoften @beckyhiggins #projectlife #hsprojectlife #colormagic

My sister likes to do several at the same time, assembly-line style and then package them up as Christmas gifts. Everyone loves these gifts! It is a great idea to do this time of year before you get started on your Christmas cards! ha!

Today I share how to make this fun Heidi Swapp Becky Higgins Project Life pocket card on Heidi's blog. Click on over to get the step by step directions.

Create Well: Take time to show someone you care by sending them a handmade card. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Heidi Swapp - Hello Today

Ok, I admit it. Having a little girl added to our family makes scrapbooking quite fun! I get the best of both worlds. I can scrapbook our family pictures using any collection of papers I want. Then, I am enjoying making my son's pages for his own album and then my daughter's for hers. It makes using all the pink I want totally ok!

I realized a few weeks ago how important it is for each of my children to have their own albums devoted to their own pages. My son sat and looked through his and I could tell he felt loved. I wonder if he would see that as much if all the pages were mixed together instead. 

I am falling more and more in love with these acrylic shapes by Heidi Swapp. Now that I have the American Crafts Mini Stapler, I swear I want to staple everything. Forget the glue! Give me gold staples every time!

The journaling short and sweet on this page as it will go side by side with another scrapbook page I will share later this week!

Create Well: Place your children's pages in a separate album so they can read it often as conformation of your love to them.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Heidi Swapp - Scrapbook Generations Create Magazine

Scrapbook Generations Create FREE Digital Magazine Issue 9 Featuring Heidi Swapp @heidiswapp @createbysg @createoften #heidiswapp #hsSeptemberSkies #scrapbookgenerations

Can it be possible that two amazing digital magazines come out in one month?! Yeah, it is pretty hard to believe that Heidi Swapp and her media team were asked by Scrapbook Generations if Heidi's brand be the featured manufacturer in their monthly free digital magazine. Well, after the release of the new #HSProjectLife magazine last week and this one today, I feel like I am on cloud nine!

You will get a sneak peek at Heidi's newest collection, 'September Skies', that begins to ship to stores today too! Plus there are several sketches to help you get motivated to craft too.

Here is my double page spread using their sketch! You will want to read the magazine to get all the details! The right side opens up with a flap and the inside is where I added a homemade photo stack to add more photos. 

I also created a card using the sketch Scrapbook Generations provided! I turned it upside down so I could have a little fun with Heidi's new stamp set in the collection! 

Scrapbook Generations Create FREE Digital Magazine Issue 9 Featuring Heidi Swapp @heidiswapp @createbysg @createoften #heidiswapp #hsSeptemberSkies #scrapbookgenerations

I hope you have a blast reading the magazine! I loved the behind the scene photographs and questions that Heidi shared! It was my favorite part! You can click right here to get to the free Scrapbook Generations Create Magazine!

Create Well: To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible. - Unknown

Monday, September 15, 2014

Heidi Swapp - Interactive Project Life Pages

Heidi Swapp Make Pretty Stuff Volume 1 Issue 3 Free Magazine @heidiswapp #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #projectlife

Have you read Heidi Swapp's new free e*idea book? I am so thankful to have been a contributor for this amazing magazine! To have projects along side Heidi, her media team, Ali Edwards, Stephanie Bryan, and Rachel Del Grosso was an honor. Then, to also be featured along side my online friends Cathy Vee and Annette Spaniel was so awesome!

Now, today, on Heidi's blog I get to go deeper into how I created my interactive Becky Higgin's Project Life page. This was one of my favorite pages to do! It was so easy to document my daughter's first birthday. Click on over to Heidi's blog today to get six different ways to add interactive elements to your pages!

Heidi Swapp Make Pretty Stuff Volume 1 Issue 3 Free Magazine @heidiswapp @createoften #heidiswapp #hsprojectlife #projectlife
Create Well: More interactive elements on a page means more ways to help you tell your story!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Heidi Swapp - Off the Page Message Board

#HSProjectLife Dry Erase Message Board @heidiswapp @createoften @beckyhigginsllc #projectlife #board #diy

Today I have this awesome tutorial I recently created featured on Heidi Swapp's blog! It is one of my new favorite "off the page" projects! This dry erase message board is super easy to make and easy to change out too! Each frame is attached to the larger one with velcro so that it can be removed to switch out the paper whenever I want!

You can get the full tutorial right here!

Create Often: Make something that you can use every day!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Heidi Swapp - Happy Adventure

I am always trying to figure out how I can bring focus to my photos on my layouts. Years ago, when I was just married to my budding photographer husband I would scrapbook my photos doing all kinds of mixed media on top of the photographs. When I would show my art piece to my husband all he could see was what I took away from his photograph.

Since then, and I believe more this year than any other, I have been trying to keep true to what my husband sees in the view finder. I don't add filters to our photos much anymore. I try my best to bring out the colors that was originally seen. Photography is an art form too and I can't take too much away from my husband's art when I scrapbook it. 

This trip to the coast was a great sensory experience for my son. I tried to record this moment when he saw teenagers being buried in the sand and he wanted to copy them. To add more photos on this 12x12 page, I added a mini Memory File.

The rest of the layout was created with my Heidi Swapp stash of Hello Today and even No Limits and Vintage Chic Buzz Words!  

Notice in the photo above Dad is in the photo. I made sure to photograph my husband with my phone camera since he was the main photographer that day. I try my best to make sure he is included when he is the main shooter by keeping my phone handy.

I know when I keep the photos true to what was seen in the camera, my husband is grateful and more appreciative of the stories I am trying to tell. The truth is, they are his stories too.

Create Well: Keep in mind of the photos you are scrapbooking. Let your art enhance the story you are trying to tell.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Craft Warehouse - Bailey's Irish and Cream

Bailey's Irish and Cream @craftsavvy @createoften #gift #masonjar #party #gameday #diy

Last week a friend came by with the yummiest homemade Bailey's Irish and Cream. When my husband and I tried it we both looked at each other and said we had to make our own! Our friend had it in a recycled snap bottle which made me think of the coolest snap bottles Craft Warehouse carries. Which then spun the thought of all the cool gifts I could give this coming holiday season!

I share the recipe on the Craft Warehouse blog here along with this "game day" version!

Create Well: Keep those friends with recipes close.
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